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Looking to Grow your Portfolio? Then Consider the Accredited Consultants Program

BY SAM B. - JAN 19, 2023

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

The fight against food waste not only is a pressing global issue, but it presents a $700 billion opportunity (acc. Boston Consulting Group). The F&B industry is currently seeking Food Waste professionals with intimate knowledge and expertise to effectively guide them in their journey towards becoming responsible & competitive businesses.

Those eager to strengthen their consulting portfolio can look to the Accredited Consultants for The PLEDGE™ program. We are issuing a final call for those interested with the deadline set for January 29th.

II. The Program

"By taking The PLEDGE™ Accredited Consultant Program, it has elevated our consultancy company to a trusted partner for restaurants & hotels in their food waste reduction journey."

-Marcel Hendrickx, Founder & CEO of HORECA Sustainability Solutions

The Accredited Consultant (AC) program, a quarterly consultant workshop, is designed foremost for consultants in the F&B, Hospitality, Sustainability, Corporate Sustainability Officers, and Managers of Food Waste Solution companies, brings together a diverse pool of enthusiastic participants from around the world.


Through the online technical workshop, consultants are empowered and well-equipped to effectively guide their customers into integrating sustainable practices into their operations. It familiarizes them to The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste, an international benchmarking system built around a comprehensive guiding process that achieves holistic outcomes and delivers a competitive advantage to customers eager to stand out in the changing landscape.


The Accredited Consultant network spans across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, with members in 20 countries. Seven located in the APAC region (Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, and India)

III. Conclusion

With 76% (acc. of global travelers pledging to choose sustainable-minded accommodations, the hospitality sector are particularly eager to find professionals to train their staff and get certified to communicate their achievements to their guests and industry peers.

Becoming an Accredited Consultant has enriched our consulting portfolio in sustainability. It empowered us to deliver tailored solutions in Indonesia, enhancing our consulting services and revenue.

-Matteo Bierschneider, Co-founder of Wise Steps Travel

IV. Talk to LightBlue

For those aspiring to strengthen their business portfolio, reserve your spot to make your mark on the changing landscape here:

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