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Become an
Accredited Coordinator

Looking to elevate your hotel reputation as a responsible business and bring about a change of mindset in your hotel operations through food waste reduction? 


Consider becoming an Accredited Coordinator for The PLEDGE™  on Food Waste:

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Why this course?

There is too much hot air around food waste, and with the climate bomb ticking, time to apply tangible solutions is now.

The PLEDGE™’s purpose is to be the most hands-on system for food service professionals eager to cut on food waste, save on cost, and be prepared for what will be the new “Business as Usual”. 


Not a class, this workshop is in fact a TECHNICAL traineeship to start your career as Food Waste Consultant. Acquire specific knowledge, coupled with robust methodology and actionable tools, to confidently accompany YOUR customers through the certification process.

You are not only answering the demand of a growing crowd of foodies with an increasing appetite for responsible dining options, you are creating your own responsible business too.

Benefits for YOU:

We are not only teaching about the standard, we are also equipping you with practical tools, methodology, and credentials to successfully accompany your clients, and acquire new ones.

  • Acquire unique knowledge

  • Benefit from an arsenal of practical tools

  • Earn new stripes. Successful participants will reach the coveted “Accredited Consultant” status, gaining genuine credibility towards prospects, and credentials for their next career move.

  • Get access to a booming market of responsible food operations

Programme Timeline

 Module 1

Become intimate with The PLEDGE™ (1.5h)

Module 2

Deep dive into the criteria (2.5h)

 Module 3

Accompany your customers (3h)

Quick facts


7 Hours



Tool Box, Presentation Deck,
Case Studies, Videos
Material to Present FIT


About this course

1. Become intimate with The PLEDGE™ (1.5h)


We will cover the following essential aspects: philosophy of the system, its structure, beneficiaries, online compliance platform, and guidelines.


2. Deep dive into the criteria (2.5h)


Detailed review of the 95 criteria articulated around 7 key pillars. Examples of evidence will be shown during the session, as well as indications of how to implement effective changes in the restaurant’s operations.

3. Accompany your customers (3h)

We will breakdown this module in 3 sub-parts:

  • a) How do you train your customers, reviewing how to prepare and run the kick-off workshop (info needed, location, material, participants), what material you should use, how do you execute and what should be the expected outcome.

  • b) How to guide them during the journey, in particular the “mid-term compliance check” (to assess advancement, advising and setting the deadline for project), the final mock-audit, and what tool you should use for each step.

  • c) How to communicate, to learn how to work with the MarCom team (and culinary team, BEFORE and AFTER the audit results are out (review of the toolbox, of existing touchpoints, and design of the Action Plan).

Prerequesites for this Course?

None, but it is recommended to have 3-5y of professional experience in F&B, Hospitality, professional training, consulting and/or project management.


Benjamin, Marco, Rubina


Live and interactive
(max. 10 participants)



 Practical tools (action plan, etc.)
Access to the online platform with 95  criteria


Meet your instructors

Benjamin Lephilibert
Benjamin Lephilibert
  • LinkedIn

Founder & Managing Director of LightBlue
Co-designer for The PLEDGE™
13 years of hospitality sustainability experience

  • LinkedIn
Marco Sandri
Marco Sandri

Global Coordinator at The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste

Rubina Srikureja

Senior Manager of Operations

Rubina Srikureja
  • LinkedIn
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