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Food Waste Management
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Online Course:
Food Waste Prevention and the $700 Billion Opportunity

The No. 1 online course on
Food Waste Prevention!

Designed for all professionals, entrepreneurs, and graduates looking to gain new skills and excel in sustainability.

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Designed on 10 years of hands-on experience & knowledge building

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Why this course?

This online course will introduce you to the global issue of food waste, the principles of circular economy, current metrics and standards currently used within the industry. You will gain practical knowledge and tools to apply in real-world situations.

Additionally, you will have access to our carefully selected library of world-class resources, ranging from FAO, WRI, and WRAP. You will also be provided with real case studies on food waste prevention.

Quick Facts


2-3 hrs / week

4 weeks total




*for successful candidates


Benjamin Lephilibert,

Lauren Kharouni



What will I learn?

Upon completion of this online course, you will be able to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the state of food waste and approach the issue systematically

  • Recognize and describe the main food waste generation points

  • Gather data and interpret performance metrics used in measuring food efficiency of F&B operations

  • Use and apply tools and techniques to minimize food waste in F&B operations

  • Make informed recommendations for businesses

  • Apply Zero Food Waste to Landfill principles

  • Learn to use and prioritize Food Waste Solutions based on the pyramid

  • Identify relevant food waste solution providers

  • Gain new perspectives on the issue of food waste

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Who takes this course?

We have had various industry professionals, government officials, NGO officers involved in agri-business or sustainability, lecturers and graduates in the F&B, hospitality, and tourism sectors, as well as CSR executives who want to deepen their knowledge of food waste take this online course.

Our Foundation Course is suitable for anyone looking to learn more about food waste management and prevention. Our Advanced Course and Specialized Course may be suitable to those looking for comprehensive programs that will help them acquire a new set of skills and tools to tackle food waste issues.

Course instructor

Benjamin Lephilibert LightBlue

Benjamin Lephilibert

  • Founder of LightBlue, a UN-awarded consulting and tech firm

  • Co-founder of The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste certification

  • Has trained more than 5,000 professionals to date

  • Awarded Top 30 in Environmental Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism 2021 by International Hospitality Institute

  • LinkedIn

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88% would recommend this training to colleagues
97% were satisfied with the course interventions
98% found the course content very useful

Hear what others say about the course!

What our participants say...

"I found this course to be very comprehensive. The chapters are well presented and full of information."

- Juliette, FERRANDI Paris (Culinary School)
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