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The PLEDGE on Food Waste
FIT Food Waste Tech

After an unprecedented commitment in Indonesia, four Bali-based Hyatt hotel properties were all certified Gold by The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste. 


This comes after the four properties gathered together in February 2023 to commit to one clear vision for the hospitality industry:


Embracing sustainable practices and inspire others to adopt the changing landscape.

Almost a year since their commitment, these properties have taken The PLEDGE™ On Food Waste and adopted the FIT Food Waste Monitoring Solution into their daily operations to curtail their food waste for their guests and now have a competitive advantage in the region.

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Andaz Bali Gold-level
 Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt Bali Gold-levels
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Andaz Bali

Our commitment to reducing food waste has not only been met but surpassed, creating a more sustainable and delicious future. 

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Hyatt Regency Bali

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that Omang Omang has achieved The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste certification. 

Grand Hyatt Bali

The Garden Cafe is now officially certified under The PLEDGE on Food Waste! Thanks to our teamwork, we've achieved the Gold Level with a score of 94%,.

Hyatt APAC Project Case Study
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Building on Grand Hyatt Singapore's success story in cutting food waste and saving a whopping 100K USD in ten months; 8 Hyatt properties in APAC joined LightBlue on a human centric food waste prevention program, with the perfect union of dynamic technology operations and personalized solutions and strategies.

The chefs and their teams worked with LightBlue in a joint program over the course of four months and all achieved their goals in capacity building, food waste monitoring and practical change of SOPs for radical reductions.

Scroll through the individual results to see the impact those solutions had on a per-kitchen basis.

Food Waste Solution
Project Timeline
Hyatt Project Timeline
The Components
Best Practices Milestone Icon

1st Milestone: Best practices and recommendations

Participants were trained on how to read the data from the weekly reports and enact the best practices from LightBlue's own Food Waste Hacks.

Finance Milestone Icon

2nd Milestone: How to calculate costs and savings related to food waste​

They were then taught how to use the data collected and calculate the cost of food waste with three different ways to calculate the savings.

Future Milestone Icon

3rd Milestone: Future-proofing​ kitchen operations

Participants finally were prepared to sustain their efforts into the future through a recap of their resources and best practices. They then presented their KPI successes on multiple platforms to share their journey and the road ahead.

Multiple kitchens covered by
FIT Technology
Recording Points

Each participant used FIT on 3 of their kitchens to cover a large chunk of their F&B operations.

This feature allows executives to get a much clearer picture of the food waste situation of their hotel, while most solutions focus on the buffet which represents only 10 to 15% of the total food waste generated. 

Language Adaptation

We've Adapted Our App to 9 Languages!

The FIT tech application and the weekly reports were provided to the participants in 6 languages in APAC:

Mandarin, Thai, Korean, Bahasa, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

FIT Language Support

       Working with 8 Hyatt hotels in 5 countries enabled us to collect unique learning on the topic of food waste across brands, geographies and cultural contexts. The 16-thousand strong data collected and analyzed have proven essential in understanding how much is wasted, when, where in the operations, what and why, in defining the true cost of food waste, and identify what structural issues should be addressed at the corporate level.

Benjamin Lephilibert

Benjamin Lephilibert

Founder & Managing Director

LightBlue Consulting

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