Did you know that 33% of all food produced is lost or wasted?

This represents 1.3 billion tons every year, enough to feed 10 times the population of the US (UNFAO), but also has an annual cost of 1.2 Trillion USD.

Tackling food waste has been identified as the 3rd most promising solution to address climate change (Project Drawdown) and is called the $700 billion opportunity (Boston Consulting Group 2018).


LightBlue reconciles sustainability with business excellence, capitalizing on our unique 8 years of practical expertise in the field of Food Waste Prevention, and 12 years in sustainability performance.

We highlight the business case of preventing food waste, building a performance-based strategy integrating key departments, advanced monitoring technology, and leveraging on new metrics that impact your bottom line.

We guide, train and accompany organizations in integrating circular business models to move towards zero food waste to landfill and low carbon operations.

As a food waste prevention enterprise tackling SDGs 2, 12 and 13, we reinvest a majority of our profits to achieve sustainability, grow our reach and ensure the fulfillment of our mission.

Awarded by the UN as Best Small Business

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We support the Sustainable Development Goals

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Our Solutions

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It is by far the best system available as it includes all stakeholders who are generating waste.
The training provided and the engagement of the Lightblue team is outstanding, their approach to identifying food waste and providing solutions is exceptional.
Chef Lucas Glanville
Multi-awarded Executive Chef
Former Director of Culinary Operations of Singapore and Southeast Asia of the Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Our goal is to achieve Zero Food Waste to Landfill by combining a human-centered approach with the right tech. We design and implement solutions to prevent food waste, cut operational expenses, increase employees’ efficiency and loyalty, and to improve the reputation of organizations operating more responsibly.

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Responsible Food and Beverages Event by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau with MICE Capabilities Thailand 2021

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Structural Issues and Opportunities of Sustainability in the Context of the ASEAN Gastronomy Network

ASEAN Gastronomy Summit 2019


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Food Waste: Situation at the Global and Regional Level, Preconceived Ideas about it, Innovation and Technologies

Space-F 2020


Training of 14 Chefs/Restaurant Owners (of 1 hotel and 3 Michelin Star Restaurants) in Preparation and Implementation of the 1st ever Zero Food Waste to Landfill Michelin Star Revelation Thailand 2020 Event




As Technical Sustainability Partner, we helped Michelin Guide Thailand run the 1st ever Zero Food Waste to Landfill Michelin Star Revelation 2020 Event.

As partner to the Thai Government Agency TCEB, we have designed and implemented an innovative and greatly subsidized Food Waste Prevention Program for hotels since 2016.

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Food Waste Prevention Program


Special Projects

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Availability of FIT for Food Banks during COVID-19

We offer our Tech (FIT) to Food Banks in tracking food waste along the supply chain during COVID-19.