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Since 2017, we have worked on 45+ projects in 8 countries and helped saving over 1 million kg of food.

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Average restaurants waste 6 to 14% of revenue in food waste.

You don't have to be in the average!

Enterprise Singapore is supporting your food waste reduction efforts by up to 8,000 SGD

Food Waste Prevention Program



Dive into this global issue from a social, economic, and environmental perspective, and understand why food waste is still an untapped opportunity for commercial kitchens



An agile food waste tech solution to track and understand WHAT is wasted, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW MUCH is going to the bin

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Learn how to set up an ongoing system in your kitchen and read information from the software so the issue can be effectively addressed by your team



LightBlue's  consultants will guide and accompany you throughout your food waste reduction journey. You can count on us!



30% reduction

in food waste/cover


5% reduction

in cost/cover

Top Industry Players Recommend Us


"It's a paradigm shift. We have produced waste forever. Everybody does. The good thing is we have something in place. So the way we do business now is exactly the way we should by reducing our footprints and waste."

Peter Caprez, Cluster General Manager

JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok

“Food Intel Tech was intuitively handled by everyone in the kitchen and is very easy to use over daily operations.”

Chef Amerigo Sesti, Head Chef

J'AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain

One MICHELIN Star Restaurant


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for this financial support?

All restaurants, cafés, bars, catering companies, or coffee shops registered in Singapore are eligible. Then this is for you! *Please kindly check your SSIC codes (under 56111, 56201, 56140, 56122) or contact

Do I really have much food waste?

In fact, most food businesses without a proper food waste monitoring system in place waste 3 to 8 times more than what they think.

If I control the buffet well, most food waste is under control?

Buffet only represents 10 to 20% of all food waste.

If I have a good food cost percentage, I don't waste much food?

Even with an acceptable food cost percentage, 25 to 42% of all food purchased* ends up in the bin. *in vloume (kg) of food purchased

The cost of food waste is marginal?

Food waste represents 6 to 14% of food revenue.

Restaurant's business is highly competitive, and margins are thin.

Most restaurants face 2 problems:

  1. They are busy and have a small team,

  2. As they don't know the costs, they don't take time recording food waste.

Hidden costs of food waste hurt restaurants' bottom line badly. Our mission is to tackle this with changing mindsets and offering an intuitive system to record food waste in less than a minute.


Benjamin Lephilibert

Founder & Managing Director of LightBlue