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“Benjamin is an excellent speaker who shared unique insights on the widely overlooked issue of food waste in the hospitality industry. We received a very positive feedback from the audience of senior industry leaders who welcome a refreshing and thought-provoking content”

                                                                                              David Sjolander 

                                              COO at Hospitality Technology Next Generation 




  • Press Conference MICHELIN Guide Thailand New Recognitions Debut (Panel Discussion) Bangkok, Thailand, September 2020

  • G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality Pre-Conference Talks: Food Waste Online, September 2020


  • Sustainable Tourism Solutions Expo 2019, GIZ, Vientiane, Lao PDR, September 2019

  • SCP and Circular Economy through Sustainable Tourism and Food Waste, ASEAN EU-UN SCP Multi -Stakeholders Dialogue, Bangkok, Thailand, July 2019

  • Leadership in Food Innovation Conference Series: THAIFEX Future of Food Experience+, THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2019, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2019

  • Sustainability for Business Forum 2019, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2019

  • Structural Issues and Opportunities of Sustainability in the Context of the ASEAN Gastronomy Network, ASEAN Gastronomy Summit, Bangkok, Thailand, April 2019

  • Sustainability as a Business Edge, AGM Denis Holding, Bangkok, Thailand, February 2019

  • Fighting Food Waste in Large Hotels, SITE International MICE Conference, TCDC, Bangkok, Thailand, January 2019


  • Sustainability and Food Efficiency, ESSEC Business School, Paris, France, December 2018

  • Food Innopolis Startup Pitch Battleground, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2018

  • LCA Agri-Food ASIA Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2018

  • Technology & Innovation in order to Tackle Food Waste, La French Tech Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2018

  • S.L.O.W. Life Symposium, Soneva Kiri, Maldives, October 2018

  • HR & CSR Breakfast Talk by FrancoThai Chamber of Commerce and AccorHotels, Bangkok, Thailand, June 2018

  • Innovative Partnerships in the Hospitality Industry, Sustainability for Business Forum 2018, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2018

  • Hispack, the Future of Packaging, Processes and Logistics: Food Waste in Hospitality, Barcelona, Spain, May 2018

  • The Future of Food Waste, (Re)Food Forum, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2018

  • Food Waste Prevention, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2o18

  • Entrepreneurship Education for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030), ICE 2018, King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand, February 2018


  • Rooting for Sustainable Food, Doing More and Better with Less, Palais des Nations Unies, Geneva, Switzerland, November 2017

  • Listen & Learn: Sustainability, The Hive Bangkok, Bangkok, November 2017

  • Structural Challenges, Solutions (Tech and Innovative Approaches) and Success Stories in our Battle against Food Waste in the Hospitality Sector, ITB Asia, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, October 2017

  • UNESCAP Sustainable Agro Food Business Forum (Speaker and Moderator), Bangkok, Thailand, September 2017

  • Hospitality Technology New Generation (link) Asia-Pacific Conference, Singapore, August 2017

  • APEC Expert Consultation on Food Losses and Waste Reduction Roadmap, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2017

  • Sustainable Tourism and Technologies, Forum TurisTIC (Keynote Speaker) Barcelona, Spain, May 2017

  • Forum on Sustainability in Tourism & Hospitality, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Yangon, Myanmar, April 2017

  • YY Cocktail, Yunus Center of the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2017


  • Multi-stakeholders Platform on Sustainable Food Supply & Consumption for Food Waste Reduction, National Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, November 2016

  • Thailand Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Natural Resources, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2016 

  • MICE Sustainability Forum 2016, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2016

  • ​Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP), UNEP and European Union, Siem Reap, Cambodia, July 2016

  • My Save Food Forum Initiative (UNFAO and Ministry of Agriculture), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 2016

  • Luxury and Hotel Sustainability, Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2016

  • French Tech Event on Sustainability, Bangkok, Thailand, February 2016

  • WWF Executive Luncheon, Bangkok, Thailand, February 2016

  • KUONI Water Champion Workshop, Phuket & Bangkok Thailand, February 2016

  • International Ecotourism Conference (UNWTO), Mulu, Malaysia, January 2016


  • Regional Capacity Building Workshop on Food Waste, UNEP/UNFAO, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2015

  • Hotel Management Thailand Summit, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2015

  • Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2018


  • The PLEDGE Training, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2018

  • Seedstars World (Workshop Facilitator), Bangkok, Thailand, August 2018

  • Future Chefs Awareness Training, Le Cordon Bleu, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2018

  • Sustainable Tourism Training, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2018

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production in Tourism, The Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, February 2018

Guest Lectures & Workshops


  • MICHELIN Guide Special Food Waste Monitoring (3-hour workshop) Online, September 2020

  • Becoming a PLEDGE™ Accredited Consultant (3x3-hour traineeship) - Batch 2 Online, September 2020

  • Republic Polytechnic (RP) Full Course on Food Waste Prevention (16 academic staff were trained in-depth. Online, August-September 2020

  • Full Course on Food Waste Prevention (3x3-hour immersive workshops) - Batch 2. Online, August 2020

  • TCEB Special Education on Food Waste Prevention for MICE Industry.  Online, June 2020.

  • Becoming a PLEDGE™ Accredited Consultant (3x3-hour traineeship) - Batch 1. Online, June 2020

  • Full Course on Food Waste Prevention (5x3-hour immersive workshops) - Batch 1. Online, May-June 2020

  • How to Monitor Food Waste, Phuket Hotels Association. Phuket, Thailand, February 2020

  • Food Waste: Situation at the Global and Regional Level, Preconceived Ideas about it, Innovation and Technologies, Space-F.  Bangkok, Thailand, February 2020

  • Misconception about Food Waste, Marriott Business Council. Bangkok, Thailand, February 2020

  • Sustainable Business Value and Practical Solutions for the Event Industry Workshop, Sustainable Event Professional Certification (SEPC) 2019, Bangkok, Thailand, 20 February 2019

  • Chef-Instructors Awareness Training Workshop (3hrs), Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France, January 2019

  • Training of 14 Chefs/Restaurant Owners (of 1 hotel and 3 Michelin Star Restaurants) in Preparation and Implementation of the 1st Ever Zero Food Waste to Landfill Michelin Star Revelation Thailand 2020 Event, Michelin Guide Thailand,
    Bangkok, Thailand, October 2019

  • The PLEDGE on Food Waste Certification Standard for Restaurants and Canteens (Business Case Study) in Designing a Communication Strategy, the Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, September-November 2019

  • Embedding Sustainability in Employees' Mindsets, BNP Paribas, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2019

  • Food Efficiency and the Future of Sustainability in the F&B Industry Workshop, ESCP Europe, International Food & Beverage Management Master, Ferrandi, Paris, France, June 2019


  • Environmental Management of International Tourism Development (Guest Lecture), Harvard Extension School, September 2017

  • Sustainable Tourism Training, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Yangon, Myanmar, March 2017


  • Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2016

  • MICE Course on Sustainability, Pattaya, Thailand, October 2016

  • Chulalongkorn University, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, July 2016

  • IUBH School of Business and Management, Bad Honnef-Bonn, Germany, May 2016

  • Srinakarinwirot University, School of International Tourism, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2016

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Hospitality Sector, United Nations Winter School, January 2016

  • Dusit Thai College School of Hotel Management, February 2015




  • The Business Case of Food Waste Prevention, Rethink2gether. September 2020

  • What The Fork Sessions: Food WASTE, Feeding Cities. September 2020​


  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council
    2018 February 2018


  • Tourism & Sustainable Food Management, UNWTO/UNEP
    2017 September 2017


  • The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste: Why and How to Reduce Food Waste | Solutions for
    Water Conservation and Hotel Sustainability, Book Greener
    May 2015

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