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Our partner, Soneva Fushi, will be featured in CREST September newsletter!

LightBlue is very pleased to hear that our partner, Soneva Fushi, will be featured in Centre for Responsible Travel (CREST)'s September newsletter. CREST previously praised Soneva Fushi for the initiative to work with LightBlue on Food Waste Audit in their 2016 Case for Responsible Travel: Trend & Statistics. The partnership results in almost 50% reduction of organic waste being sent to Soneva Fushi's composting site.

Previous newsletter from CREST - see it in full here We got a glimpse of the questions that Soneva Fushi will be answering for CREST, and they certainly look interesting! What's your thought? They are as follows: 1. Soneva is internationally renowned for quality and "an inspiring ethos of sustainability and service that is uncannily intuitive." Why was incorporating sustainability into the business model important to you when Soneva was created? 2. Soneva Fushi recently went through a food waste audit with LightBlue Environmental Consulting, resulting in almost a 50% reduction of organic waste being sent to your composting site. What triggered your interest in reducing food waste, and why do you believe it's important for other tourism companies to consider their own reductions? Stay tune for more updates. Bravo, Soneva!

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