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LightBlue - Friendlier cleaning with one of Earth's smallest lifeforms

Estimates have suggested that people are harbouring at least 700 contaminants in their body, contributed from the use of synthetic chemicals. Hoteliers are experiencing complaints from hotel housekeepers and clients concerning the allergenicity, toxicity, and adverse environmental impact due to the use of chemical based cleaning agents.

Nowadays, people are more concerned for the environment and pursue a “Go-green” lifestyle. Products marketed as “organic” are widely purchased as indicated by the sustained growth of the world organic products market, where market values have reached US$45 billion since the year 2007 (FAO, 2009). However, there is no need to pay a premium for products labeled as “green” or “Eco”, as a DIY (Do It Yourself), efficient and very economical alternative already exists: EM technology. EM technology provides a promising solution to working conditions of housekeepers and also improves the food waste situation apparent in hotels.

EM technology, developed by Teruo Higa, was originally designed for agricultural uses. However, research and actual testing has shown that this natural-based technology can be adapted for daily household practice. EM solution can replace various cleaning agents required during daily life. They can be incorporated into laundry, cleaning of septic tanks, bathrooms, and tiled surfaces. Moreover, the effective microorganisms found inside this solution have the ability to degrade and compost your organic waste!

With just a few ingredients and simple steps, you can easily create your own EM solution to use in your hotel or even at home. Upon purchasing a liter of EM solution, one can multiply this solution by 20 times to create activated EM. Even after multiplication, further dilution with water can be used to clean tiled surfaces and bathroom ceramics. This versatile technology can be diversified to produce other products such as EM Bokashi and EM Mudball. These products can be utilized for treatment of organic waste, such as food, leftover oil and grease, and wastewater.

But let’s be clear here: it is not about risking cleanliness or guest satisfaction by providing a greener solution, it is about offering a clever alternative to chemicals that generate loads of packaging waste, may affect employees’ health, and are up to 5 times more expensive. This is an alternative that is good for the Earth, your employees and your bottom-line! You can make a change whilst still valuing clients’ needs and maintaining hotel standards. With this technology, we can help you to reduce organic waste sent to landfill, improve working conditions of your employees, and maintain cleanliness in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

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