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LightBlue successfully supports Soneva's luxury resort in cutting down food waste

Happy faces all around after the successful food waste audit

Happy faces all around after a successful food waste audit Soneva Fushi, the multi award-winning luxury resort in the Maldives, recently partnered with LightBlue Environmental Consulting Company, to address one of the most neglected issue within the hospitality sector: food waste. LightBlue led a comprehensive food waste audit, and helped the resort to understand and effectively address the problem of food wastage, which plagues the entire hospitality industry. The true extent of food waste’s negative impacts has been realised and prioritised in agendas of the United Nations and the European Union. EU targets 50% reduction in food waste by 2020. Similarly, nations are also taking the necessary actions. The United States aims to halve their food waste by 2030, France passed a law forbidding edible food from supermarkets from being discarded prematurely last year, and Hong Kong now requires companies to disclose the amount of waste generated starting from 2017 onwards. Soneva Fushi, being a global leader in hotel sustainability, reinforces its position by actively taking this initiative. LightBlue’s detailed Food Waste Monitoring System operates for seven days, and includes hands-on training as well as raising awareness among kitchen employees, stewards and service staff.

The detailed audit answered crucial questions related to the quantity, the type,

the causes and reasons for food waste. Subsequently, LightBlue offered

Soneva Fushi strategic recommendations that will certainly boost the resort’s

sustainability and positively impact its bottom-line. ​

The auditing procedure was quickly picked up by the staff “There was quite a dramatic reduction to the organic waste being sent to our composting site. So we are down by about 50 percent of what we would receive before,” Gordon Jackson, Waste to Wealth Manager at Soneva Fushi.

At the end of the comprehensive review, Soneva Fushi received the LightBlue “Certificate of Completion” in recognition of their leadership and enthusiasm to address a problem least addressed by the hospitality industry.

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