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LightBlue Environmental Consulting offers expert auditing, consulting and capacity building services to organisations willing to improve performance and minimise their social and environmental footprint.


Based on resources, needs and objectives, we deliver tailor made solutions to cut operational expenses, increase employees’ efficiency and loyalty, as well as improve the reputation of organisations that are operating more responsibly.

Hand picked specialists with extensive track records on international projects will accompany you throughout your sustainability journey, help achieve ambitious objectives and substantially improve your bottom-line.







"We are bridging the gap between technical sustainability expertise and practical implementation at operations level"


Food Excess Prevention

LightBlue offers food waste auditing and tracking, strategic consulting on food excess prevention across the supply chain (purchasing, delivery, storage, labelling, preparation, service and disposal), employee awareness, capacity building and assistance in developing a sustainable food procurement policy. 







Support to Green Certifications

EarthCheck, Green Globe, Green Leaders (TripAdvisor), Travelife, Green Key, Green Leaf, ASEAN Green Hotel, ISO 14001 (soon).


Our programmes are altered to suit your objectives, resources, customer base, location and time frame, we will accompany you throughout your certification journey.



Staff Training 

94% of employees are now more aware of the importance of not wasting food. 


We provide employee awareness raising on sustainability and capacity building. LightBlue also reviews and optimises standard operating procedures (SOPs) to integrate resource effective practices in key departments. HR becomes the driving force of genuine and lasting sustainability initiatives.





Green Meetings

More companies are looking for venues that offer green meetings. By providing green meetings , you demonstrate your leadership in the field of sustaiability, and provide your partners with a customised solution for their concerns.


LightBlue supports MICE professionals in improving the social and environmental impacts of meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions, by reducing operational costs whilst complying with internationally recognised standards.


Waste Minimisation


Minimising waste can generate additional revenue for organisations. Successful waste management can significantly cut costs, and boost your responsible hotel campaign.


Lightblue offers support with waste policy reviews, walkthrough assessments, the development of waste management and prevention strategies, optimisation of revenue from recycleable and organic waste and the drafting of a revised Sustainable Procurement Policy.


Optimised Guest Participation


By maximising hotel guest participation in meaningful green hotel policies, guests can participate in much more than just the towel programmee, bed linen programme, and community projects. 


We assist in comprehensive project implementation, including skills-gap analysis and technical training, capacity building, incentivisation and participation tracking, resource efficiency and hotel online reputation improvement.



                 Energy Efficiency Audit


Energy efficiency is one of the most prioritised issues for both hoteliers and clients alike. Let LightBlue support you towards enhancing efficiency in your operations, it can help you reduce costs - with long lasting benefits.


The operation includes auditing and energy conservation measures: HVAC system, lighting, hot water system, managmenet system (BAS, BMS), freezer/cold storage system efficiency improvement, occupancy sensors and controls, renewable energy such as solar.

Water Efficiency


Join hands with LightBlue and Kuoni to implement the Kuoni Water Champion Programme within your property, by using existing tools that have successful  track records. Consumption was proven, on average to be down by 100 litres per guest per night.


LightBlue can offer water consumption auditing, assistance in the implementation of procedures to reduce water usage, towel and bed linen reuse programme optimisation, waste water treatment and compliance with eco-labels’ criteria.




Alternatives to Chemicals

Clients are becoming more concerned about the negative impacts of chemicals on their health. Let us help you to transform your garden waste to fertilizer and to create cleaning agents from your kitchen waste at a low cost.


Let LightBlue support you towards creating efficient and controlled compost, ruling out the use of chemicals in your gardens, and to help strengthen your communication tools for guests. Click here to find out how to clean without synthetic chemicals. 

“LightBlue has been able to amply demonstrate that reducing food waste is probably largest and juiciest low hanging fruit hoteliers can pick along the tortuous path to sustainability.”

Patricio Gonzalez Morel - Green Hotel Expert  

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