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FIT Food Waste Monitoring Tech is an agile tech solution for commercial kitchens willing to track and reduce food waste and associated costs at multiple locations.

Most F&B professionals ignore that food waste makes up 6-14% of revenue.
Well, that was before they got FIT

FIT Food Waste Monitoring Tech


Data Collection App


Data Analytics Software

Track, understand and cut food waste by 20-30%


Cut on costs

(3-5% reduction in cost per cover)

Make informed decision to streamline your operations

For Single Outlets

Small operations can't afford to send money to the bin.

In a few clicks, capture key intel about food lost in your operation at critical generation points.

For Complex F&B Operations

Buffet waste is only 10-15% of all food waste, and ~50% of volume of food waste is generated before food reaches a plate.

--> You need a comprehensive solution that covers multiple locations, easy to deploy and that is cost effective.


How does it work?


1. Weigh your waste


2. Record it in the FIT App


3. Dispose the waste


4. Act on the data in the software

They got FIT:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Check out parts of our growing customer base since 2017


Data Collection App


This is your Food Waste data entry point.

In 5 clicks, qualify your food waste:

✓ location

✓ shift

✓ category (spoilage,...)

✓ type (fruits,...)

✓ weight

Extremely cost effective

FIT works with every Android device

✓ It's easy and cheap to install multiple recording points

✓ No shipping, no time-intensive installment

✓ Set up the tablet in minutes thanks to our Do-It-Yourself Toolkit

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Anmerkung 2020-07-13 131018

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Anmerkung 2020-07-13 130754

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Anmerkung 2020-07-13 131033

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Anmerkung 2020-07-13 131018


Data Analytics Software

Intuitive Dashboard

✓ Get answers to the key questions: Where is food wasted, when, why, what is going to the bin, and how much is it

✓ Understand your performance and positive impact: food rescued, cost savings and CO2 reduction

Food Waste Analytics on Demand

✓ Adjust the timeframe and the analytical lens to access a visually sound representation of the situation compared to the baselineincluding trendscommissions or anomalies

Accessible 24/7 on any device, the database and graphs are fully downloadable in .xls


Weekly Reports

Keep up with your progress

✓ The printable PDF helps you to communicate with
     your team.