Welcome to Module 1!

Module overview:

13 videos

1.5 hrs

6 minigames


An introduction to Food Waste

A video talking about "Why are we here?" will be played here. 


Linearity, SDGs and Food

Our Globalized Linear Economic model has shaped the way we produce, consume and dispose of stuff. Food Waste is revealing the cracks in that system. 

The state of global waste

Globally, we are on the path to generate 3.4 billion tons of waste a year by 2050, if we don’t curb that trend. Explore what is that waste mainly composed of discrepancies in the way it is being treated, and some shortfalls in the recycling system. 

Food Waste: Definitions and Challenges

The United Nations FAO and the European Union may have different definition of what food waste is, which can lead to confusion. We are sharing what our own simplified definition, knowing that ultimately the goal is to prevent it.


Food Wastage Footprint by the UN FAO

This is an external video from the FAO that highlights the problematic footprint that food waste has.

The environmental FOODprint

Food waste creates a very large amount of Greenhouse Gases, and the main environmental impact of food is mainly happening as a rather unexpected level of the supply chain.