Food Waste Prevention in the Indian Ocean

Average restaurants waste 6 to 14% of revenue in food waste.

YOU don't have to be in the average!

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Embark your hotel on a fully-funded 3-month journey to cut on food waste (35+% in food waste reduction in g/cover) and reduce unnecessary costs (3-5% reduction in cost/ cover).

Participants will receive advanced workshop for hospitality professionals on why food waste is such an issue (awareness raising), how is it impacting their operations (financially), how to implement a food waste monitoring in kitchen and reduce food waste by reading the information using FIT Food Waste Monitoring Tech. All information of their food waste will be automatically calculated by FIT.

Fully Funded

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2*2h technical workshop by experts

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90 days of FIT TECH

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Weekly report, practical recommendations, support

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Available for 6 territories!

Comores, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, La Réunion and Seychelles


Participating restaurants level

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3-5% reduction in cost per cover 

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Up to 35% reduction in food waste 

The PLEDGE on Food Waste - Presentation.

Boost up your brand and image

Destination Impact Metrics

  • Enjoy expert training and consulting 

  • Leverage an advanced food waste technology

  • Enjoy governmental financial support and enroll in the program FREE of charge

  • ROI < 3 months

Since 2013, we have worked on 45+ projects in 10 countries and helped saving over 1 million kg of food.

Will you be next?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for this financial support?

All restaurants, cafés, bars, catering companies, or coffee shops with 60 covers/day in the 6 regions above are eligible. Are you part of them? then this is for you!

Do I really have much food waste?

In fact, most food businesses without a proper food waste monitoring system in place waste 3 to 8 times more than what they think.

If I control the buffet well, most food waste is under control?

Buffet only represents 10 to 20% of all food waste. So the other 80% to 90% of food waste might not yet be accounted for

If I have a good food cost percentage, I don't waste much food?

Even with an acceptable food cost percentage, 25 to 42% of all food purchased* ends up in the bin. *in volume (kg) of food purchased

The cost of food waste is marginal?

Food waste represents 6 to 14% of food revenue.

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