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Building on Grand Hyatt Singapore's success story in cutting food waste and saving a whooping 100K USD in 10 months; 8 Hyatt properties in APAC have joined LightBlue, on a human centric food waste prevention program, with the perfect union of dynamic technology operations and personalized solutions and strategies.


The technology is data driven and supported by a multi-language app, including weekly reports on each team's progress, whereas we also provide a hands-on approach through our milestone meetings with comprehensive analysis of the data and food waste prevention hacks.


We will be working in this joint program articulated around capacity building, food waste monitoring and practical change of SOPs for radical reductions.



The objectives of this program are to : 


  • Reduce the cost/cover by 5%. 

  • Reduce food waste/cover by 35% 

  • Improve overall F&B operations efficiency 


Together we will identify challenges, optimize resources and fight food waste!

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Food Waste Monitoring
Project Timeline
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The Components

1st Milestone: Best practices and recommendations

This first milestone explains how to read the data on weekly reports to be able to build on the best practices and recommendations that can be applied in the kitchens of each hotel.  


2nd Milestone: How to calculate costs and savings related to food waste​

The second milestone involves the whole finance department from each hotel to determine new KPIs of food waste prevention in hospitality, to see how the cost of each food waste is established, as well as other indications, such as the issue of change management. 


3rd Milestone: Future-proofing​ kitchen operations

The third and final milestone is to ensure sustainable practices are followed into the future. Meeting with all the participants will be about how to make all the knowledge and tools that we brought during these months of the program last over time in order to reach a zero-waste objective in a sustainable and efficient way. 

Multiple kitchens covered by
FIT Technology
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LightBlue provides the opportunity for each program participant to have

3 kitchens on the same FIT account. 

This feature allows hotels to be efficient in all their kitchens and achieve better results, the kitchens are independent of each other. We work with various kitchens; set up for all-you-can-eat buffets, a la carte orders and kitchens specializing in particular types of food.

Language Adaptation

We Cater to Multiple Countries

Lightblue is constantly adapting to the local context and languages, FIT Tech and the weekly report are now available to participants in 4 languages for Hyatt APAC, Mandarin, Thai, Korean and Indonesia.

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After 10 years of expertise in food waste prevention, this struggle is illustrated in this project,  consolidating awareness, concrete solutions, data analysis, implementation of new procedures while supporting the local ecosystem close to food waste solution providers.

 The ultimate goal is to move towards "zero food waste to landfill", to achieve this we will do our best to make this project an example for the whole hospitality industry. 

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Benjamin Lephilibert

Founder & Managing Director

LightBlue Environmental Consulting