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The Food Waste Prevention Program has been designed as a non disruptive and practical approach to tackling food waste aimed at responsible organisations that are unsatisfied with their current food waste “situation” and associated costs. 


This program is catered to those looking for a non-disruptive, practical way to understand and tackle the issue, and capitalize on financial opportunities.

Chefs are often held responsible for the quantity of food discarded, although they cannot have their eyes everywhere at all times. Our program, with its cross-departmental approach, will address this issue.

Cut your Food Waste, boost your margin

Food Waste Prevention Program





We offer food waste auditing, tracking and strategic consulting on food excess prevention across the supply chain (purchasing, delivery, storage, labeling, preparation, service and disposal) with the aim of developing a sustainable food procurement policy.


The FIT is a web-based application, helping our partners to collect, analyse and access actionable food waste data on demand. It ensures transparency, maintains awareness, and illustrates data from a different perspective, especially through graphic representation. This can be your everyday tool to measure and understand food waste in order to manage it more efficiently.


Capacity building is an integral part of implementing change. We review and optimize standard operating procedures (SOPs) to integrate resource effective practices in key departments, aligned with the current system in place. HR becomes the driving force of genuine and lasting sustainability initiative.


We ensure that staff are aware of the environmental, social, and financial consequences of food waste. We coordinate among all stakeholders involved to maximize impact and ensure lasting effects on food waste reduction.

LightBlue is the accredited partner for

'The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste Standard'

The PLEDGE on Food Waste is an independently verified nine-point food waste prevention standard, designed to cut on food waste, save on food costs and showcase your efforts.

We are now also working together with universities and schools! 

Ready to educate the change-makers of tomorrow with campaigns, workshops and fun activities!




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