Reconciling Sustainability with Business Excellence

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Why Our Solutions?

     LightBlue Consulting offers online courses, scalable tech solutions, and a certificatation system that guarantees your understanding on the 'what, when, how, and why' food waste exists.


And ensures that you will make a meaningful financial & environmental impact on your endeavors in the hospitality, restaurant, and other food service sectors. 

About Us.

     LightBlue reconciles sustainability with business excellence and 12 years in sustainability performance.

     We highlight the business case

for preventing food waste, promote performance-based strategies, monitoring technology, and

leveraging on metrics that impact 

your overall bottom line.

Awarded by the UN as Best Small Business

We support the Sustainable Development Goals

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our partners.


Peter Caprez, JW Marriot

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It's a paradigm shift.

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Just give it a try,
you'll see the results 
within one week.

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With The PLEDGE™ we 
want to see something 

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“FIT was intuitively handled

by everyone in the kitchen